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Careers New Beginning Recovery

New Beginning Recovery also recognizes the benefits of hiring people with lived experience who can play an important role in bridging the gap between services and the people who use them. We are committed to providing opportunities for people with lived experience to develop the skills and experience they need to achieve their career goals. […]

Early Signs of Liver Damage From Alcohol: How to Tell, What to Know

Alcoholic hepatitis, which is unrelated to infectious hepatitis, is a potentially serious condition that can be caused by alcohol misuse over a longer period. Drinking a large amount of alcohol, even for just a few days, can lead to a build-up of fats in the liver. So it is not surprising that many of us think avoiding milk […]

Drug addiction substance use disorder Diagnosis and treatment

Women can find trauma-informed care, dual diagnosis treatment, group therapy, and more at this inpatient treatment center. Women enrolled at Beth’s Blessing receive Christian-based addiction treatment services with a dual focus on clinical and spiritual counseling. Women experience higher levels of stigma related to substance abuse and treatment.4 That’s because society pressures women to be […]

Tips for Staying Sober & Celebrating

From the ceremonial airport pint to the trolley-dash around duty free on the way home, holidays and drinking are entwined in the British imagination. It’s equally true whether you’re a beers-at-Wetherspoon’s person, or the sort of sleek potentate who prefers a G&T in the Concorde Lounge at Heathrow Terminal 5. From Byron to Patrick Melrose […]

Sober Living Homes & Oxford Houses Cost & Length of Stay

Some recovery houses insist on random drug testing to ensure residents remain sober. Individuals who breach this are usually removed from the home immediately to protect the other residents. Halfway houses date back to the 1830s when they housed children and adults that had committed crimes or had been released from prison. In addition, clients […]

Alcohol and Migraine: Relationship, Triggers, Treatment & More

Learning more about exactly what causes alcohol-induced headaches can provide motivation for building healthier habits and feeling better. Let’s look at why alcohol makes your head hurt, what you can do to remedy it, and how to avoid headaches down the road. In most patients with delayed headache and also sometimes with immediate headache, the […]


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